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Bay Area Private Middle SchoolsMatteo J.
Halstrom Student

"Since Halstrom is a “non-traditional” school, I have a “non-traditional” schedule. The teachers work around me, and they always make sure to incorporate things I relate to in my studies. Halstrom is a big reason why I am where I am today. Without my parents and Halstrom Academy, my life would be completely different."
Cupertino Private High SchoolsJosh O.
Halstrom Student

"If your school is not helping you learn at your best, or if you're not feeling all that good about yourself-- you don't have to accept that. Some kids learn differently, and Halstrom gets that. I’m learning better now, quicker, I'm getting A's, and I'm more confident about everything."
Cupertino Private Middle SchoolsCeline R.
Halstrom Student

"I think that it is awesome that I can go to school in my Roller Derby 2XU elite compression suit and not worry about fitting in. I am totally accepted for who I am and the teachers as well as the other students find it very cool that I am involved in such a unique sport."
Bay Area Private High SchoolsKiana S.
Halstrom Student

I needed a school with a supportive learning environment where I could build relationships with teachers who cared about me and wouldn’t let me fall through the cracks. Before Halstrom, I was hanging with a bad crowd and I was failing in school. After coming to Halstrom, everything changed. In January 2014 I graduated a semester early with a 4.3 GPA and now attend UC Santa Barbara.

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