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Imagine a school built around your way of learning, your lifestyle and your goals…

Mission Viejo Campus

A place where you fit in, you can excel, create lasting friendships and make your dreams come true. A school that feels uniquely your own, like family, like home. Teachers that listen to you and curtail lesson plans to the way you learn best, at a pace that makes you successful. A school that works with your schedule, around your activities, at times that are most conducive for you to learn at your best. A school that is built for you and around you, that’s Halstrom Academy.

At Halstrom, our middle school and high school students are regular kids and each student is unique in their own way. Some struggle with academia, learning challenges or social anxiety, while some are athletes and actors who find the flexible scheduling options beneficial, and some are wanting accelerated learning that they are not finding in the traditional classroom… but all value and benefit from the 1:1 instruction so they can learn to their capacity and pace.

At our flagship campus in Mission Viejo, students find a comfortable place to learn, study and hang out with friends. Our campus, located near the Mission Viejo Mall off of Crown Valley Parkway,  is convenient and accessible.

Commons Aren’t So Common

The campus common area includes a wall painted with “Idea paint” whhigh_school_IS_608ere students can use markers to be creative, think visually, and share ideas with one another. You don’t find that in most public or private schools.

Because the majority of student work is done outside the classroom, but not at home, Halstrom Academy provides designated spaces that students can call their own. “The Study” offers a relaxing atmosphere to socialize with friends, watch TV, play music and work on group projects.  It’s a perfect place for those who desire a sense of community. “The Quiet Study” provides workstations and a computer lab to finish assignments and study for tests. The Quiet Study is staffed with a tutor to help students master the content outside of the classroom. This frees the student up from loads of homework and parents don’t have to struggle with the often burdensome and confusing studies sent home. At our private 1:1 instructional campus we have a leadership club, yearbook club, numerous field trips and volunteer opportunities where our students enjoy school-life outside of the classroom.

Why Halstrom Works?

one-to-one_instruction_IS_3691:1 Instruction
Classrooms consist of only one student and one teacher. At Halstrom you will benefit from an alternative quality education and personalized one-to-one instruction that is tailored to your personal needs, educational goals and learning styles. It is important that each student has content mastery and that you learn at your pace. This allows for a personalized education for each student.

high_school_girl_floor_IS_989Flexible Scheduling
At Halstrom, our middle school and high school programs offer you the unique opportunity for you to choose the class times, course load, and pace that best accommodate your needs inside and outside of school. This allows our students to achieve success both inside and outside the classroom and schedule around their optimum learning times.

halstrom_difference_IS_572Caring Environment
Halstrom’s small environment and supportive community gives you a place where you feel safe and are able to discover the power of your own potential. Each student is unique and Halstrom will work with each student to achieve success.



Mission Viejo 26440 La Alameda, Suite 150 Mission Viejo California 92691
8:00 AM - 6:30 PM 1-888-HALSTROM

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Halstrom Student
For Sasha, a high school junior and 4.0 student, doing well in school is important – it’s just as important as the success she achieves as a competitive horseback rider and jumper, a sport for which she is nationally ranked. That’s why Sasha decided to transfer to Halstrom Academy this...
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Julie Arlotti

Julie Arlotti

Campus Director
Julie Arlotti, the Mission Viejo Campus Director,  brings more than 15 years of educational experience as a teacher, coach, adviser,  educational coordinator, and English language development director.  She has worked with several districts in Orange County, as well as with districts in the Denver, CO area.  Before taking the role as...
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How Halstrom Works

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1:1 Classes

When it’s just you and one teacher in every class, there's no better way to learn. Teachers teach to your style and interests, which ensures learning success.

Flexible Scheduling

Choose the classes you want, and when you want them. Learn at your pace and on your own schedule and spend more time doing all the things you love to do.


Immerse yourself in a technology-rich environment that gives you the latest technology filled with tools and apps that make learning interactive and fun.

Academic Rigor

A robust curriculum combined with a 21st century teaching style ensures you connect to what you’re taught and prepares you for college and beyond.