Why Halstrom Academy?

Personalized attention and academic achievement, along with individual encouragement and support, are the hallmarks of Halstrom Academy.

Halstrom DifferenceOur philosophy is built around helping parents who want a different and better learning environment for their child’s academic and social success – a place where their child can fit in and succeed. Every day, Halstrom Academy provides a powerful alternative for parents whose children may not be living up to their full potential in a traditional, one-size-fits-all school. We understand that some children struggle because of academic or social issues, while others require a flexible and more focused environment.

In the face of their many challenges and frustrations, parents have been turning to Halstrom for over 30 years to find academic and personal success for their children. We understand that each child is unique and that traditional public and private schools cannot always accommodate individual learning styles in their crowded classrooms.

The Halstrom Academy difference is that our learning programs cater to individual students one-to-one. One student. One teacher. Think of the perfect classroom with no distractions, no noise and no interruptions. This is the ultimate in personal engagement for education today.

Our one-to-one teaching environment also offers customized scheduling and learning plans that are uniquely tailored to your child’s personal skills, interests, and most importantly, their rate of progress. Our academic approach guarantees learning success through mastering every lesson, project and grade – so there is no falling behind.

Since 1985, Halstrom has helped over 16,000 students with a wide range of needs reach their educational goals and successfully achieve their fullest potential.

Who should enroll?

Students in grades 6 – 12 who are searching for a more personalized, alternative school experience with flexible scheduling options. Here are some examples of the types of students who have benefited from the Halstrom difference.

  • Getting Focused

    Students wanting a school where they are the focus and where they can focus on their education and grades

  • Make up Credits

    Students who need to make-up credits or replace grades

  • Accelerate Education

    Students who want to supplement their current coursework or accelerate their education

  • One on One Education

    Students who feel lost in the shuffle of large classrooms

Halstrom Difference

What courses are offered?

Each student can choose from numerous AP courses, over a hundred UC/CSU certified courses and NCAA-approved courses in science, English, fine arts, foreign language, math, computer science, personal development, health and social science taught by expert teachers. Courses are taught using the latest technology, including the use of iPads loaded with eTextbooks and learning apps.

Enrollment Options

Halstrom has a year-round, open enrollment policy. Our one-to-one high school students may choose to attend Halstrom full-time or part-time. Because of our flexible scheduling options, our students can create a custom schedule that fits their unique needs.

  • Full-time or part-time course load
  • Months of enrollment
  • Number of classes per week
  • Class times
  • On campus or online classes
  • Class location
  • Course selection
  • Personal and academic goals

Preparing for College and Beyond

Our ultimate goal at Halstrom Academy is to graduate our students from high school prepared for a successful college education. As a result of Halstrom’s academic rigor and focus on 21st century learning, our graduates not only feel prepared academically for their next endeavor, they go into the world with important lifelong skills such as self discipline, goal setting, time management, personal accountability and the ability to cultivate respectful working relationships. Our students leave high school uniquely equipped to face the rigors of college life.

As the landscape for college acceptance becomes ever more competitive, it’s increasingly important for your child to do well in school. At Halstrom Academy, we offer robust college preparatory and Advanced Placement programs, as well as college counseling and tutoring. Each campus provides a small, caring environment that fosters strong three-way communication among parents, students, and teachers. This allows students to flourish in an educational structure that is tailored specifically to their individual needs and learning styles.

College Acceptances

Halstrom Academy graduates have been accepted to and have gone on to attend a wide variety of colleges and universities. 96% of Halstrom Students who apply to a 4-year college or university have been accepted.

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