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The Right School for Your Student

At Halstrom, we realize that choosing the right school is an important decision. You need to look for a nurturing environment, a low student-teacher ratio, an atmosphere free from bullying, school accreditation, but most importantly a school focused on your individual child’s success. That’s why we at Halstrom have built our school with your needs in mind.

Start School on your Schedule

Halstrom Academy has a year-round, open enrollment policy meaning you can enroll now and start at any time. Students may choose to attend Halstrom full-time, part-time (high school only) or only during summer months. They benefit from one-to-one instruction, and the ability to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule whether they take a full course load or one class. Regardless of course load, all students have access to on-campus activities and homework support.

One-to-One Personalized Instruction

  • 1:1 classes are conducted in 50-minute sessions. Classes can be taken on campus or online.
  • Middle School General-level
    Each semester-length course is 25 sessions
  • High School College Prep, Honors, Workshop or General-level
    Each semester-length course is 22 sessions
  • High School College prep, Honors, Workshop or General-level Science
    Each semester-length course is 22 sessions plus 5 additional labs
  • Advanced Placement (AP)
    Each semester-length high school course is 41 sessions
  • Advanced Placement (AP) Science
    Each semester-length high school course is 41 sessions plus 5 additional labs

Between each class, students are expected to complete 3-5 hours of independent study. We encourage students to stay on campus to take advantage of our on-staff tutor and study areas to finish their schoolwork – that means no homework hassles at home.


Full-time students choose to attend Halstrom because they value the 1:1 education and flexible scheduling options offered so that they may pursue other activities outside of school like sports, music, acting, etc. Full-time students take between 4-6 courses per semester.

Part-time/Class Credit

Part-time students (High School students only) choose to attend Halstrom because they wish to make-up or catch-up, also referred to as credit recovery and grade remediation. In addition, some students wish to accelerate their learning or get ahead in a particular course or subject area. Students may transfer the grade or credit earned back to their home school. Part-time students take between 1-3 courses per semester.

Summer School

During the summer, students can choose to attend part-time or full-time and choose from personalized one-to-one instruction or a paired learning program. The full spectrum of the academic course catalog is offered during summer school.