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Manhattan Beach Campus
1888 Rosecrans Ave.,
Ste. 2100
Manhattan Beach, CA  90266
Phone: (310) 409-2982
Fax: (310) 409.2983

A Private Middle School and High School in Manhattan Beach

Imagine an alternative school built around your way of learning, your lifestyle and your goals…

Our students are regular kids and each student is unique in their own way. Some are athletes and actors who find the flexible scheduling options beneficial, while others value the 1:1 instruction to learn at their own pace.

With two designated student areas, students can do their homework, get help from teachers and socialize with friends. At our private 1:1 instructional campus we have a leadership club, yearbook club, numerous field trips and volunteer opportunities where our students enjoy school-life outside of the classroom.

Why It Works?

1:1 Instruction
Classrooms consist of only one student and one teacher. At Halstrom you will benefit from an alternative quality education and personalized one-to-one instruction that is tailored to your personal needs, educational goals and learning styles.

Flexible Scheduling
At Halstrom, our middle school and high school programs offer you the unique opportunity for you to choose the class times, course load, and pace that best accommodate your needs inside and outside of school.

Caring Environment
Halstrom’s small environment and supportive community gives you a place where you feel safe and are able to discover the power of your own potential.

The Manhattan Beach campus is new and will apply for full term WASC accreditation after the initial waiting period. Until then it will fall under the umbrella of Halstrom's flagship campus in Mission Viejo.